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Experience animation beyond imagination.

Why is bringing your own ideas to life important to your business?

Animated videos have been a pivotal strategy by major corporations and small brands. Proven to boost conversions, and increasing engagement and reach, it is ideal to synchronize the brand’s voice with your vision to deliver outstanding results.

Can animation studio bring a better universal appeal with animated content?

Everyone grows up watching cartoons, or any sort of animated film/show. At some point, you can almost have a clear memory of what was your favorite shows. This beloved medium is not only fascinated by children but brought lasting impressions on adults too.

We help deliver emotions to your message to stand out & grow!

Our amalgamation of detailed sound, visuals, and stories will resonate with your targeted viewers, none like any other animation company could do. Blindspot Studio’s creative talents build strong characters and narratives that connect audiences at a core level.


Malaysia’s award-winning animation studio specialized in 2D & 3D animation services.

Blindspot Studio is an award-winning animation studio with animation available in Disney +, #1 Malaysia Free-to-Air, TV3, RTM, and DidikTV, Olympusat in Latin America with 100 million views on YouTube globally. We bring amazing results for clients of all sizes.

Work With Us

Simple four steps; animator for hire


Contact us through the website and let us contact you back


We are here to listen to your needs, targets, and results


We personalize the solutions accordingly for the best design


Production and licensing begin for your animation designs

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Our Expertise

Wide selections of animation services by talented artists, animators, and producers

Animation Services

Script, ideation, storyboard, concept, character model, and more.

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Intellectual Properties - Animation

Pre-school animation series, and mascot development.

Alif & Sofia Licensing & Merchandising

Consumer product, brand licensing, and character licensing.

OHSEM! Augmented Reality (AR) Series

AR books for edutainment, AR Sejadah for women, and more.

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Why Stay Traditional When You Can Engage Better With Animation?

Animation is a great way to promote your products and services within a very short time. If the whole world has already moved to animated content, what makes you think your traditional approach can attract your audiences’ attention? Change to create lasting impressions!

Certified Animators, Award-winning Services!

We are a team of passionate animators with over 8 years of demonstrated experience. Our work is featured in films, TV shows, and commercials. We can transform your idea into a reality. Call us today!

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