Common Key Characteristics Possessed By Top Animation Studios

Feb 21, 2023 | Articles

With so many new ways to market a brand, many are leaning more towards employing the service of an animation studio.

But just like any other industry, the animation market is getting more and more saturated which leaves many overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right animation studio.

That is why we have compiled some key characteristics possessed by top animation studios which would help you in making a decision.

Dedicated and Talented Team

Of course when it comes to working with another party, you need to carefully review the set portfolios and skills they are offered.

Not every animator is cut from the same cloth, each with different expertise and skills. But, one thing is for certain, they should be dedicated to delivering the content you are aiming for.

Effective Communication

Before your animation can come to life, there needs to be discussions and presentations to be had from both parties. That is why it is important to have a thorough discussion just so it’s clear and everyone can start moving.

But it doesn’t stop just there. The project manager that’s assigned to handle your project needs to constantly give you updates (whether good or bad) on your animation’s progress and be able to solve any issues or questions you may have regarding billing and invoicing issues.

In house creation and production process

Perhaps it may come as a surprise for you but not all animation studios have the complete package. Certain studios specialise in one or two types of animation that is why you need to consider which is suitable for you.

If you choose to work with one that lacks the animation you’re looking for, they might need to hire another third party which in return would affect the cost and the rights of the design.

High Success Rate

While it is impossible to achieve success at every route you take, a top animation studio should be having a very small percentage of failures.

You can double check on their portfolios but you can also get a few insights from previous clients they have worked with to get some views on how the team handled the projects assigned.

These are the four characteristics we believe every top animation studio should have. When it comes down to it, skills and ethics are important to make any business a success.

Lucky for you, we can guarantee we have checked all the boxes and would be welcome to work with any ideas you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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