6 Solid Reasons Why You Need To Employ A Great Video Animation Service To Develop Your Brand

Mar 10, 2023 | Articles

Recently, we have seen a rapid growth in animation for digital marketing and many brands are jumping on the bandwagon.

Even well-known brands such as Nestle, Cadbury, Mc Donald’s, CocaCola, doesn’t matter if they’re 2D or 3D, they are all looking for a new way to market their brand.

If you’re looking to do the same but not entirely convinced yet, we’re listing down a few reasons why you need to employ a great video animation service for your brand.

It's more easier to keep your potential customers interested about your brand with animations.

It’s more easier to keep your potential customers interested about your brand with animations.

Keep User Interested and Engaged

Most of us grew up watching cartoons or animated movies on the TV screen and it’s a no-brainer that our fascination with them carries on even during adult-hood.

As most active social media users are made up of young adults, maybe it won’t hurt for you to finally post an animated video to draw their attention.

Regardless if it’s a short film or just a product presentation, it is sure to win them over with cool graphics and straight forward messages.

Plus, they would also be more encouraged to interact by leaving Likes, Comments and some even would Repost to help promote your brands to their friends and followers.

Delivers Messages More Effectively

Is there a concept or idea you have been dreaming of coming to life but couldn’t quite get there as the execution is rather limited?

That is why it’s very crucial for you to employ a credible video animation service that can present and deliver your intended messages for your brand.

After a thorough discussion with the team, they can simplify and bring your ideas and direction to life in a way that’s easy for the audience to grasp. Certainly each process is worth the wait!

Cost Effective and Saves Time

Many might argue but a video animation production is much more cost effective than hiring a whole row of actors and film production team and equipment just to name a few.

Not to mention, the process of scouting for talents, briefing, rehearsals, shooting and editing would just take so much time and before you know it, any form of hype you may have had for the project dies down.

Lucky for you, by employing an animation service, you simply need to do a simple brief and presentation to the team and they can help with delivering your message to the audience in a much more cost effective manner and shorter time frame.

Why be like the rest when you can stand out by doing something different?

Why be like the rest when you can stand out by doing something different?

Stands Out From Competition

With the market being so saturated and competitions increasing daily, every brand needs to stand out or else, they’d be generic and easily forgotten.

It could happen to anyone, even to you! That is why other than a well-thought-out business strategy, it won’t hurt to employ the use of animation to stand out.

How many brands that use animation in order to market their brands? We can tell you not many! This is why it’s time for you to snag that chance and give your audience something to remember you about.

With the graphics, motions, music and effective storytelling done by the team, it is a guaranteed wow factor!

An online presence is vital since many are surfing the web.

An online presence is vital since many are surfing the web.

Establish An Online Presence

In recent years, we have seen a huge surge of social media users. According to Neal Schaffer, data showed that at least 97% of online consumers would access their social media platforms.

This means throughout scrolling, they could come across your page. But what would make them stay and find you appealing and worth looking into?

It would be the content you presented on your platforms. Sure every brand should have a certain direction for their social media platform that distinguishes them from the rest but why not take it up a notch by using the work of animation?

This way, you’re sure to leave viewers captivated and deliver the intended message. It’ll definitely leave a lasting effect on them that instantly makes them want to follow (or subscribe) to your page.

A person surfing the web on their laptop at their work desk.

Better SEO ranking means your page would be one of the first to appear when people search on the net.

Ranks Better in SEO

With so many pages across the internet, it’s no secret you have tons of competition. Also, let’s face it. Not many of us like to read, even though you had spent so much time and effort coming up with the most catchy writeup.

Moving with the time, videos and animation have been known to be a better way to deliver a message. It simplifies ideas, concepts and messages and helps readers grasp everything better.

This means, they are inclined to stick around your page longer to watch the video and hence, increase your page’s session duration.

Ensure that the video animation you wish to produce is not only eye-catching but also rich in keywords and informative to rank higher than the rest.

And that’s our list of reasons why we believe EVERY brand should have a good video animation.

Are you looking to employ a good video animation service for your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’re eager to help you stand out!

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