Why Motion Graphic Services Are Cost-Effective & Can Help To Elevate Your Business

Jul 18, 2023 | Articles

Many like to think of motion graphics as a form of animated design. Well, that is essentially true. It uses text, graphics, color, and movement to create visual video content.

Motion graphic is often used for logo animation, product animation videos, and infographic videos. With that, we can confirm that motion graphic services are still in demand due to how cost-effective it is.


Stacks of coins are placed on a table.

Motion graphics can suit you if you have a smaller budget for animation.

Why Is It Cost-Effective?

It’s mainly not as complex as other animation styles. If we are to compare it to 3D animation which is more realistic and futuristic, motion graphics are rather simple.

It requires less software and expertise and there are plenty of free or online tutorials to take in order to learn it. Plus, it can be done within a very limited time frame. 

While less complicated, it doesn’t mean we should underestimate its impact. In fact, motion graphic services remain in demand as they help to elevate any business, and here’s how.


How Motion Graphics Can Help Elevate Your Businesses


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Motion graphic keeps your idea simple and very straightforward, with visuals and sounds aiding viewers to grasp the concept better.

  1. It Keeps Things Simple 

Sometimes the ideas, guides, or messages you wish to convey to your audiences are very complex and leave them overwhelmed trying to absorb everything all at once.

However, motion graphics can make it much more simple with a short length, straightforward, and incorporates great visuals and sound – making it easier for your audience to understand the messages.  


A woman writing down on a page of a book while referring to her phone

Motion graphics appeal to many, preferably those that love something more straightforward.

  1. Attract More Audiences

For many, simplicity and animation are a huge plus. Though your motion graphic videos may not be Pixar-worthy, it still helps your audience connect with the messages you wish to convey.

This in return, creates values and interest. Audiences are more likely to follow your brand’s social media or story since they have established a connection. 


A whiteboard, showing a variety of ideas being drawn on the board.

Motion graphic is highly versatile and can suit the different area in the market.

  1. More Versatility

Motion graphics have a lot of possibilities and can be used for different areas. GIFs, promo videos, and presentations – they can be recycled or used for later projects.

This in return makes it very customizable as well and easily edited too. You can truly explore your creativity.


A man using his phone to search on the internet.

Google loves motion and using one on your website can help your website ranks higher

  1. It Increases Traffic 

Any app or website that employs motion graphics would rank higher in the Google search feed. 

Motion graphics can be powerful to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and according to Insivia, a website is 53 times more likely to be shown on Google’s first page if it includes motion. 

Have you ever employed any motion graphic services for your businesses? Then we highly recommend you try it out. 

You’ll be surprised by how powerful it is and how it can leave a positive impact on your brand.

If you wish to learn more about animation or looking to work with a credible studio, then we have you covered. Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help you get started!

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