Why 2D Animation Services Is Still Relevant in Today’s Market

Jul 28, 2023 | Articles

Think of the earliest memories of your childhood – of course, many of you would think of playing in the park with friends, riding bikes, and sitting down in front of the TV on Sunday morning, tuning into your favorite cartoon shows. 

Well, if you didn’t know – most of the cartoon shows you watched use 2D animation. Spongebob Squarepants, The Powerpuff Girls, Tom, and Jerry – those are some of the best shows we can name when we mention 2D animation. 

However, with 3D animation and motion capture becoming increasingly popular, will our childhood shows end up becoming a forgotten memory?

Not quite. Fortunately, 2D animation services are still a popular choice for many industries and in this article, we’ll uncover why.


Why 2D Animation Services Is Still Relevant In Today’s Market

A man calculates his budget using a calculator and a piece of paper.

Compare to 3D and motion capture, 2D animation is an affordable option for those tight on budget.

  1. Cost Friendly

Compared to 3D and live-action films that are more budget-consuming, 2D animation can be produced with a smaller budget, less software, expertise, staff, and such. 

So for small businesses that are looking to employ animation with less stress on their cost, 2D animation remains a popular option.


A scene from the show, The PowerPuff Girls.

2D animation has its own unique sense of style which appeals to those who love a sense of aesthetics.
Image credit: Bounding into comics

  1. Unique Aesthetic

2D animations have their own sense of style. In fact, when looking at all the cartoon shows, each of them is distinctive. 

While 3D animation has this realistic and futuristic feel, 2D animation keeps it simple and appeals to those that love the simplicity and a trip down nostalgia.


Two adults watching TV in their living room.

2D animation can cater to a wider demographic. Many still have a sense of appreciation for it.

  1. It Appeals to Most Demographic

Cartoon shows are only for kids? Well, you’d be surprised to find many adults still enjoy a few episodes of their favorite cartoon shows.

In fact, many adults are more than willing to flock to the cinema to tune in to their favorite cartoon movies. 


A man sketching a character for a story on a piece of paper.

Complex and creative ideas are easier to come to life with 2D animation services.

  1. Effective Storytelling

2D animation can effectively tell stories and convey emotions just as well as 3D animation. 

Though they don’t have the immersive experience as 3D and motion capture, 2D animation can better focus on a character’s expression and body language which helps to make up for what they lack.

Also, animators have the freedom and creativity to explore and execute even the most complex storylines and concepts!


A group of people celebrating in a corporate room.

The visual and nostalgic appeal of 2D animation captures many interests and allows them to fully immerse themselves in the video.

  1. Gain Interest

To captivate and gain new audiences, 2D animation can be a powerful tool for you. There are various types of 2D animation to suit your goals, budget, and expectations such as:

  • TV shows and feature films
  • Infotainment videos
  • Brands’ videos and ads
  • 2D explainer videos
  • Product demons
  • Training and educational videos and more…

Different audiences may find certain styles appealing but the main thing is, the visual and sound from the animation are guaranteed to hook them to continue watching and learn more.

Animation continues to evolve but that doesn’t mean 2D is outdated. There are still many brands that rely on 2D animation services. 

References: CG Spectrum, Corpixels

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